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One-Year Replacement Warranty

In the first year of purchase, ECOWAY® provides a one (1) year replacement warranty. In the event of any factory default, ECOWAY® will directly replace the product for the customer.

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Three-Year Parts Replacement Warranty

For the subsequent two years (totaling three years from the date of purchase), ECOWAY® will provide replacement parts to the customer to address any issues or problems with the Product.

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The Ecoway Warranty

ECOWAY®’s obligations under this warranty are limited to repair, replacement or other appropriate adjustment, at ECOWAY®’s option, of the Products or parts found to be defective in normal use, provided that such Product was properly installed, used, and serviced in accordance with instructions. ECOWAY® reserves the right to make such inspections as may be necessary in order to determine the cause of the defect. ECOWAY® will not charge for parts in connection with warranty repairs or replacements. ECOWAY® is not responsible for the cost of removal, return and/or reinstallation of the Product.

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