Not Flushing

No water from the bidet or flush

  • Check if the shut–off valve is open.
  • Check if the T-valve is blocked.
  • Verify that the nut on the o ring is not tightened too tight by the plumber.

Only the main flush not working.

  • Lift the seat/lid off the base and check at the back if the pipes are bent or pinched.
  • Straighten the bent pipes/hoses to fix the problem.

The Customer is on underground water.

  • Check if the water volume meets our recommended plumbing requirements of 30PSI and can fill up to 4 liters of water in 10 seconds. If all requirements are met, check the pipe/hose to see if it is bent or pinched.

The customer is on City water.

  • Check the pipe to see if it is bent or pinched.
  • Turn the shut-off valve off a little bit to reduce the water pressure.