LUX Series



The Lux Pro is the ultimate luxury smart toilet within the Lux series, it offers all the features of the Lux Gold and Lux but stands alone with two unique features.  The Lux Pro is the only model within the Lux Series that carries a built in water tank that assists with flushing and also reduces the noise of flushing significantly.  The Lux Pro also comes equipped with a turbo air dryer that dries you in a matter of seconds. Experience total comfort whenever you use your toilet, the ZEN like modern design will also enhance the look of your entire bathroom.





The Lux Gold is equipped with all the functions of the Lux, plus more. This model comes fully equipped with a gold chrome knob and a gold plated cover that increases the beauty of any bathroom, completely touchless, enjoy the automatic opening of the lid and seat or use the advance but simple 3 - sided remote.  The gold plated cover also comes with a digital temperature display that shows users the temperature of the seat, dryer air and water. As a user approaches, the lid will open automatically like a waving hand, after every use the toilet automatically closes the lid and flushes. The Unit cleans itself with the UV LED sterilization saving you time and ensuring your toilet is fully hygienic.





Luxurious yet affordable, the LUX comes fully equipped with six must have features, enjoy advance technology and luxury without breaking the bank. The LUX is a smart toilet that offers all the necessary functions for a spa-like experience. The bidet can be summoned with the touch of a button and will clean itself before and after each use. LUX‘s heated seat offers maximum comfort in cold and warm weather conditions, while the built-in air dryer gives you a refreshing feeling after every use.