Deluxe Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

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Product Description

This is where it all starts. The Deluxe is designed for those who want just the basic functions of a modern smart toilet. Nothing fancy, purely functional.

Tankless design as well as automatic flush as user leaves the seat. A heated seat will eliminate the hesitation to sit down during chilly weather. Basic bidet functions, including front and rear wash and self-cleaning nozzle, allow the ultimate cleanse experience and a warm air dryer to keep you fresh. Built-in deodorizer and UV sterilizer to ensure maximum hygiene.

Hygiene Technology Comfort Safety

Rear wash
Front wash
Self-cleanse nozzle
Massage wash
Replaceable nozzle tip 

Seat sensor flush
Power-outage flush
Power-outage memory*
Night light

Seat sensor
Heated seat
Warm air dry
Air temperature control
Water pressure control
Water temperature control
Nozzle position control
Silent slow closing lid and seat
Side button control
Remote control with wall-mount bracket

Power leak protection
Double filtration
Anti-bacteria nozzle
IPX4 water resistance
Pressure control device
Stainless-steel nozzle
Antibacterial coating seat


*Battery not included (CR-P2 battery)

Installation Guide: Download Here