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At Ecoway, our motto is "EXPECT BETTER" because we believe that today's modern living style should be complemented by luxurious modern fixtures that save money, improve hygiene, and reduce the strain we put on the environment. Learn more about our mission below, and shop our catalog to find the perfect bidet toilet for your home!

Environmental Sustainability Starts in the Home

At Ecoway, we believe that true change starts with the decisions we make on a daily basis. From the way you brew your coffee to the kind of car you drive to work, every decision you make has an impact on the world. Approximately 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day, and the average person consumes approximately 20,000 sheets — or 100 rolls — of toilet paper every year. Moreover, the manufacturing process consumes approximately 140 liters of water per roll of toilet paper produced. Is it any wonder that scientists are alarmed by toilet paper’s impact on the environment? Ecoway is revolutionizing the industry and combining eco-friendly technology with luxe designs and affordable pricing you won’t find anywhere else. Our bidet toilets feature state-of-the-art technology and are created using an innovative manufacturing process that makes it possible for every homeowner to experience the luxury of a bidet while reaping the benefits of prioritizing the environment.

Eco-Friendly Technology and Affordable Pricing

Eco-friendly technology isn’t known for being accessible to the average homeowner. It’s often much more affordable for manufacturers to mass-produce technology that can be purchased by many more consumers, but the environmental impact is ultimately the price we all pay. We took the opportunity to fill the gap in the industry and provide homeowners everywhere with stunning, innovative bidet toilets that are available for low prices you won’t find with other retailers. We don’t just want to help you save money purchasing bidet toilets, though — we’ve also designed our products to help you continue saving money over time. It’s estimated that bidet toilets can reduce a household’s toilet paper consumption by approximately 75% or higher, depending on the household. With the price of toilet paper increasing year after year, switching to a bidet toilet is an easy choice.

Unique and Luxurious Designs

Function is nothing without form. As one of the most intimate spaces in your home, we believe that it’s important for your bathroom to feel like a sanctuary and keep you comfortable. After all, the average person spends approximately three hours per week on the toilet alone! Our bidet toilets are available in a number of designs perfect for anyone looking to save space while making a bold statement. Whether you’re remodeling your master bath or are simply looking for a way to update your entire home with eco-friendly fixtures that instantly transform your bathrooms, we’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone in our catalog.

Improve Health and Hygiene

We created our bidet toilets to reduce environmental strain and make luxurious designs more accessible, but we also created them because we know that everyone values health and hygiene as much as we do. Bidets reduce irritation, germ spread, and can even make your bathroom more accessible to people who have difficulty wiping with traditional toilet paper. They’re also much more effective than toilet paper at cleaning in general — is there anything better than scoring a win for your personal hygiene, the environment, and your budget?

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Ecoway is revolutionizing the industry and making the world a better place one bathroom at a time. If you’re ready to find out why so many homeowners just like you are choosing to shop with Ecoway, visit our catalog to find a bidet toilet that’s right for your household. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!
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